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[[File:Maximusson.jpg|thumb|211px|right|Maximus' Son]]
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'''Maximus' Son''' was the son of [[Maximus Decimus Meridius|Maximus]] and [[Maximus' Wife|his wife]]. He seemed to have a love of ponies. He was crucified along with his mother by the Roman Emperor [[Commodus]].
==Section heading==
He was portrayed by [[Giorgio Cantarini]] in the 2000 film ''[[Gladiator]]''.
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==Personal Life==
When Maximus describes his home to Emperor [[Marcus Aurelius]], he describes that he has a lot of ponies and that his son wants to be one of them. He is seen playing with ponies, and he also wants to run up to his father when he returns home from being a General in the Roman Army.
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After Maximus escaped an execution by the new Emperor [[Commodus]], Commodus ordered cavalrymen to ride up to the farm of Maximus in Trujillo and burn it. He ran up and was trampled by the horsemen. Both he and his mother were taken back to the house's porch and crucified.
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[[Category:Deceased Characters]]
[[Category:Fictional Characters]]

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