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Lucius at the Gladitorial Games.

Lucius Verus II was the son of Roman Empress Lucilla and Lucius Verus who is deceased. He was the co-ruler during the reign of his uncle, Roman Emperor Commodus.

He was portrayed by Spencer Treat Clark in the 2000 film Gladiator.


Lucius was nearly thirteen in the year 180 AD, and he had only one parent, the Princess of Rome. He became friends with Commodus' enemy, the gladiator and General Maximus Decimus Meridius, who had a conversation with the young Prince of Rome.

He enjoyed to watch the Gladitorial Games, and enjoyed learning about ancient Roman history from his uncle, Commodus. He had to watch the death of his uncle at the hands of Maximus, who also was killed by mortal wounds. Historically, he died at a very young age.

Historical Accuracy[]

Lucius Verus II was the son of Lucilla and Lucius Verus (Marcus Aurelius' co-ruler). He had two sisters: Aurelia Lucilla and Lucilla Plautia and a little brother named Pompeianus from his mother's second marriage. All of Lucilla's children but Pompeianus died very young, Lucius died young even before his uncle Commodus becoming an Emperor.