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Left to right: Hagen, Maximus Decimus Meridius, Unidentified Gladiator IX, Juba, and Unidentified Gladiator X at the Carthage Reenactment.

Gladiators were slaves tought to fight to the death by the Roman Empire. Antonius Proximo owned a whole lot of Gladiators during his time, including the German Hagen, Spaniard Maximus Decimus Meridius, and the Nubian Juba.


The Mock Gladiator Match was held in a small stadium. Maximus and Juba were partners in the match, chained together. They fought against several brutal people, killing all until they were the sole survivors. At long last, they competed during a Battle of Carthage Reenactment. Maximus and his friends played as the Carthaginian "barbarians" while others portrayed the Romans. To Cassius's surprise, Maximus and his team mates worked together to kill the enemy. Cassus apologized, but Emperor Commodus replied that he liked surprises.


When Maximus and Proximo both agreed to fight against Commodus to halt his cruelty, Juba and Hagen fought alongside them. At the Attack on Proximo's School, the gladiators held out until many including Proximo and Hagen were butchered. Maximus was captured, and forced to fight the emperor himself in a gladiator match. Maximus, fatally stabbed before the battle, killed Commodus but did not live to enjoy his victory.


Maximus Decimus Meridius



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Unidentified Gladiator I

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