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Gaius in Zucchabar Province.

Gaius is a senator. He supported the Senator Gracchus and is often seen with him. It is often implied he supported the formation of a Republic, though never explicitly stated.

He was portrayed by John Shrapnel in the 2000 film Gladiator.


Gaius and the Senator Falco were both introduced to General Maximus Decimus Meridius by Commodus. When Commodus became Emperor, Gaius was a major leader in the government of the Roman Empire. He seemed to dislike the fact that for 150 days straight Commodus had games in Rome. He met with Gracchus and discussed the oddness of the games and their lenghthy timelines.

It is implied, through his strong association with Gracchus rather than Falco, that he supports the formation of a Republic. The viewer is also left to presume this, after Commodus has him killed, by having a (presumeably venomous) snake put into his bed as he sleeps with his mistress.


  • Gaius and his fellow senator Gracchus are a play on Gaius Gracchus, a real Roman senator.