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Falco was a Roman Senator loyal to the Roman Emperor Commodus.

He was portrayed by David Schofield in the 2000 film Gladiator.

Pre-Commodus Era[]

Falco was introduced by Commodus to General Maximus Meridius alongside Senator Gaius by Commodus. Commodus told Maximus "One night Falco will put honey in your ear and when you wake up you will scream 'Republic! Republic!'". Falco gave Gaius a confused look after Commodus and Maximus left, probably not getting the punchline. He was at the coronation of Commodus as emperor after the murder of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. He told Gracchus that he thought Commodus would do well, with even Gracchus accepting that Commodus recognised Rome was ruled by the mob.

Advisor to the Emperor[]

Falco was very close to Commodus. He gave him a strategy to defeat Maximus based on an old tale of a sea serpent. It stood still at the sea, waiting for its enemies to attack it. The serpent attacked suddenly, and killed its enemies. Commodus killed a lot of enemies, including the Gladiator trainer Proximo and the gladiator Hagen in an attack on Proximo's School, a base from which Maximus used. Also, the servant Cicero was killed by an archer. After Commodus was killed, Falco's later fate is unknown.