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Romans run from the Catapult's fire material explosion.

The Battle in Germania against the Barbarians was an action as a part of Emperor Marcus Aurelius' Twelve Year Campaign against the Barbarians in Germania. It was a Roman victory and the culminating battle of the war.


Roman Field General Maximus Decimus Meridius commanded a huge army in the woods of Germania (modern-day Austria, Vindobona is the modern-day Vienna). He was greeted by the soldiers as he strode along the ranks, and he met his friend and Subordinate General, General Quintus. The Barbarians sent a headless rider on a horse to the Roman camp to disencourage the army, and threw the rider's head on the ground. Maximus ordered the catapults to be ready, and ordered to Quintus to order his men to fire on his signal. When he fired a lit flaming arrow in the air, Quintus gave the order for his archers to fire flammable arrows into the woods and the catapults to fire flaming materials at the Barbarians.


The archers fired off their rounds after the catapults launcehed their salvos. The Cavalry under command of Maximus charged into the woods, and they cut down several of the Germanian tribesmen from a penetration from behind. More rounds were fired by the bowmen, and the cavalry in the woods also kept on engaging. The Barbarian Chief swung his axe onto several Roman troops. Maximus was dismounted by a Barbarian axeman, but he fought back and killed the barbarians. Eventually, the Barbarian Chief was run through by a Roman Cavalryman. The Romans and the Barbarians lost heavily, but the Romans won the battle and the war. The Emperor himself watched the battle from a height, and congratulated Maximus and rewarded him with going home.



Maximus Decimus Meridius - Commanded the Cavalrymen and the Army

Quintus - Commanded the Archers and Catapults

Marcus Aurelius - Emperor of the Roman Empire


Barbarian Chief - Led Barbarians in the Battle. Killed.