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Antonius Proximo and Maximus Decimus Meridius before the battle.

The Attack on Proximo's School was a battle between the legionaries and gladiators. Antonius Proximo, the wealthy owner of several gladiators, aided Maximus Decimus Meridius in trying to kill Commodus, the Roman Emperor who secretly assassinated his father Marcus Aurelius and killed Maximus' Son and Maximus' Wife until he, alongside Hagen, Cicero, and many others, were killed. Maximus was captured by the soldiers


The Roman soldiers knocked on the gates of the school, demanding entry. When Proximo ignored them, they burst open the gates. The gladiators defending the school fought fiercely, killing many of the Romans in grueling combat. Soon, they were overrun by the well-trained troops. While Proximo was killed in his personal chamber, Maximus took his sword from the basement and came across his ex-servant Cicero. However, he was hanging and though Maximus tried to release him, was killed by Roman archers in a trap set by the soldiers. Maximus was captured, while several others were killed or escaped.